What Happened?

Charmaine My Mom

My first English words were “What Happened?”. As I grew older and joined the workforce I realised why my parents always brought this up. I reached a stage

High On Talent (Private) Limited, abbreviated as HOT, is a locally registered multimedia organization that seeks to encourage a platform for interaction between for developmental and entertainment purposes.

The phrase “High On Talent” is an expression of a level of appreciation of talent surpassing industry and discipline which, is a process that a lot of organizations we have worked with have begun to adopt. HOT offers multimedia creative management and Public Relations management services.

Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life

Confucius Source Title

I believe that talent is in everyone, that our talents are different ad that our talent is interdependent on the other. For you to leave your mark on the world, the onus is on me to use my talent to capture and caption your talent.


Visual gossip tells a story. A story that draws your attention to what is happening, why it is happening, when, to whom and where.




We are a strictly freelance based organisation meaning, all you have to do is email your job request and we will attend to it (Terms & Conditions Apply).The following are part of our Services package:




Print & Motion Graphics Design70%

Web Design90%

Social Media Management40%